Heritage Wills Month – August 2017

Heritage Will Writers in Norwich are holding a Heritage Wills Month in August in support of East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA).

They will write your will free of charge but ask that you make a donation to EAAA in lieu of a fee. Heritage Wills are requesting a discretionary donation of £50 for a single will or £100 for a mirror will.

There is no obligation to include EAAA in your will, but if you choose to give either a specific amount or a percentage of your residual estate (once your loved ones have been taken care of), it will support the charity’s lifesaving work.

Jess Down, Development Manager at EAAA, said:

“We and our patients are forever indebted to people who have made the choice to save a life through a gift in a will to us.

While legacies are integral to our lifesaving work, we only learn of people who have chosen to leave us money when we are no longer able to thank them. We want to change this and have the ability to thank people during their lifetime, regardless of whether their gift is coming to us today, tomorrow or well into the future.”

Why leave a lasting gift to EAAA?

EAAA provides a helicopter emergency medical service across Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. We bring our medical team directly to patients who have been involved in an accident or have suffered a medical emergency. It costs around £11 million a year to deliver our lifesaving service and as a community-funded charity we rely entirely on the generosity of our wonderful supporters to keep us flying.

We understand it’s important to think about family and friends first when writing a Will, but if there’s room to leave a gift to EAAA we promise to use it to help save lives.

How your gift could be used

One in four of our missions is funded by a gift left to us in a Will. EAAA and our patients are forever indebted to the many people who have made the choice to save a life through a legacy to us.

When you have chosen where and how you would like to leave your legacies, it is important to get it formally and legally written into a Will. It is advisable to contact a local Will writer or solicitor who can help you.

In order to take advantage of this offer, call Heritage Will Writers on 01603 894500 to arrange your August meeting at their office in Norwich. To speak to someone at EAAA about leaving a gift to us in your Will, please contact Jess Down on 01603 269320 or email jess.down@eaaa.org.uk.