Aviation Area

The return of the yellow helicopters! 

You may have seen our red helicopter flying lately – this was HEMN our temporary replacement for HEM-C while it was away for its 1000 hour service. We are now delighted to have both Anglia One and Anglia Two back flying again, we do love our two H145 helicopters.

Active noise reduction system 

Both our H145 helicopters have recently been fitted with an Active Noise Reduction system (ANR). This involves a modification to provide power to the helmets and to the helmet connectors.

This has several vital improvements for our crew; it will filter out mechanical noise preventing possible hearing damage and will improve clarity of hearing so that communication between crew members is much clearer. Communication is a vital part of the job for our crews and we are delighted to be able to make these improvements along with our helicopter provider, Babcock Mission Critical Services Onshore.

Every improvement we make can help gain vital life-saving minutes and improve patient outcomes. Every second counts.