We know that it is individual personalities which make up great teams.

Therefore, this year we are celebrating these characteristics and highlighting how each one is a vital component to being a successful team – and most importantly completing Only The Brave! So, which one are you?


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  • #TheLeader - Rich Anderson, EAAA Pilot

    Rich is a pilot at EAAA and deals with challenging missions on a daily basis. Rich’s biggest achievement to date is completing ‘The Fellsman’ – a 70 mile, 24 hour race across the peaks. Rich believes selflessness, encouragement and working towards a goal makes a good team.


  • #TheInspiration - Kerry Doyle, ex-patient

    Kerry is an ex-patient of EAAA, having been airlifted following a car accident. Kerry’s biggest achievement to date has been working as Chairwoman for Dereham Carnival, along with her amazing team of volunteers. Kerry believes her stubborn attitude helps her succeed with challenges, not taking anything on unless she can give it 100%. Kerry says; “Do it to prove your doubters wrong.”

  • #TheFitOne - Daniel Heath, winner of OTB 2017

    Daniel won OTB last year and his biggest achievement to date is qualifying to represent Great Britain at the obstacle course racing world championships in Canada. Daniel believes the most important thing to remember when completing a race is to stay positive and focus mile by mile – and to enjoy yourself! He said; “There is no bigger sense of achievement than crossing the finish line… especially in first place!”

  • #TheBrains - Jemma Varela, EAAA critical care paramedic

    Jemma sees first hand the work which EAAA does and knows that each pound raised goes towards the charity. Jemma’s biggest achievement is the work she does with EAAA, her Masters degree and running a marathon. Jemma believes anyone is capable of anything if they put their mind to it.