Thank you for taking on your fundraising mission! Your support will help to make a huge difference and help EAAA to save more lives.

We can advise you on the best way to promote your event. Your local fundraiser is with you every step of the way for advice and support you may need! Materials are available to download to support your local fundraising by clicking here.

Promote your fundraiser

  • Social media is a fantastic way to get your fundraiser out there engaging participants before, during and after your event
  • Get snap happy! Take plenty of pictures during your fundraiser to keep supporters in the loop. We would also love to see them to see how you get on!
  • Create a press release! Head over to our downloadable resources page to use our press release template for your fundraiser
  • Most importantly – advertise! Raise awareness for your fundraiser to help increase donations.

Quick and easy fundraising ideas

  • Collect all your loose change in a home collection box
  • Sell your skills! (Hairdressing, designing, cooking)
  • Run, trek, walk or cycle
  • Get sponsored to stop eating chocolate, be silent or give up alcohol
  • Ask for donations indeed of presents at your next celebration
  • Hold a raffle or tombola

Simple fundraising ideas

  • Do your own sponsored challenge – walk, trek, run or cycle
  • Organise a small event – themed party, jumble sale, pub quiz or sweepstake
  • Do something fun at an organised event – have a stall or sell unwanted things at a car-boot sale

Fundraise with friends or family

  • Get a team together and plan a charity football, basketball, netball or hockey match
  • Organise a themed party, fancy dress event or a dinner party
  • Games night – break out the retro board games
  • Organise your own event – charity ball, sports event, festival, silent disco, talent show, gig or karaoke night
  • Hold a coffee morning or tea party
  • Bake it and sell it!
  • Let the kids dress their parents or make the rules for a day

At work

  • Accumulator challenge – everyone starts with the same amount of money and have a day/week/month to raise as much money as they can from the initial investment!
  • Challenge the boss
  • Raffle off an extra holiday day
  • Dress down or dress up days
  • Get your glad rags on! Organise the ultimate office party and sell the tickets
  • Put on a talent show – sing, dance or tell jokes. Find out who has a hidden talent!
  • Bring your dog to work days – charge people for a cuddle
  • Office quizzes and sweepstakes
  • Go head to head in a challenge against another team or department – who will win? what about an air guitar challenge?
  • Organise a frock swap or auction of promises

Go extreme

  • Get your sports club or team to organise an event or tournament – turn it into a ‘athon’: Zumbathon, swimathon or danceathon.
  • Bring your favourite sport indoors – exercise, bike, rowing machine, treadmill – how far can you go?
  • Double or triple your usual distance – run, trek, walk or cycle and get it sponsored!
  • You and your friends and family can take on your fears – heights, water, spiders – terrifying!
  • Break a world record – who will eat the most, who can jump the highest, who can last the longest, who can go the furthest?