The East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA) relies entirely on the kind donations of our supporters. We need your support to continue saving lives. A great way to do this is by donating a regular gift or playing our Charity LotteryOur canvassers operate across the area and are easily identifiable by their branded charity clothing and their Identity Cards.

Tower Lotteries works on behalf of East Anglian Air Ambulance to recruit donors for our committed giving campaign as well as our lottery.  As a charity, we need to raise over £12m to fund our life-saving work across the region and it is regular donations by people like you that enable us to continue to save lives every day.

All fundraisers working on behalf of EAAA are listed, with photography, on our website and are paid for the donors they recruit.  We are fully aware of locations throughout the region where a fundraiser is active on our behalf, and Tower Lotteries advise the local authorities in advance of where they are active in the region.  If you are in any doubt about a canvasser calling at your door, please contact us.  You may also find our article ‘safely on the doorstep’ of interest.

If you have signed up to a regular gift with one of our canvassers, in Year One of your donation, if you opted to Gift Aid it, after all expenses are paid EAAA will receive 30% of your money. In Year Two and beyond, this figure rises to 100%, which over a three year period ensures that 76% of every donation you make goes directly to our charity. This is an industry-leading amount and a vital source of revenue for the charity.

After your details have been provided to our canvasser, they will be forwarded securely to EAAA for processing. Neither EAAA nor Tower Lotteries will ever share your details with any third party (other than to process your direct debit with the bank) and will acknowledge your support with a welcome letter within two weeks of you agreeing to become a donor.  If you have supplied a mobile number or email address, we can acknowledge your support within two hours.

If you wish to discuss your donation with us, please contact the Finance Office on t/ 03450 669 999 e/

Thank you. Together we save lives.