Meet Holly Marshall

Staff story

Holly Marshall

Hi! I’m Holly, the Commercial Partnerships Manager. This is a new role at the charity and means I look after some of our larger corporate partners as well as help secure new ones. It’s also my job to develop our first aid training programme and grow our clothing bank and sweet box sites. I’ve been with the charity for nearly four years now and I can’t imagine working anywhere else.

There’s something really special about EAAA and I’m inspired every day by the amazing things people do to raise money for us. I often arrive at work to see the helicopter returning from a mission – sometimes it’s not even 9am and my colleagues in the crew have already been out to save someone’s life. There is no better motivation. Some of the missions our crews attend make my jaw drop, they’re so humble but they’re making a difference every day and keeping families together. It makes it an amazing place to work.

I’ve had some brilliant experiences while working here – other than dressing up like an elf and running a Santa’s Grotto, being involved in organising Only The Brave during its first year is one of the most memorable moments in my career. It was great to then take part and experience what it’s like to be a participant. It was honestly one of the most fun days I’ve ever had and I’d recommend it to everyone.