Meet Captain Rich Anderson

Crew story

Rich Anderson

It is a real privilege to work with all the staff at EAAA in such an exciting, dynamic and patient focused organisation. I work for Babcock, who are contracted to provide pilots, aircraft, engineering and operational support to EAAA. I have now flown with the EAAA HEMS team, for the past three years, initially as a co-pilot and now as a captain.

Prior to taking this job I worked in the RAF for 11 years where I flew Chinook Helicopters (pictured below). One of the roles we had whilst flying in Afghanistan was flying the MERT (Medical Emergency Response Team), similar to that of HEMS, picking up casualties off the battlefield who’d been shot or injured. Taking the experience gained from this I’ve applied it to my current role as a HEMS pilot.

One of the things I most enjoy in this job is the uncertainty of what job we will get next, flying to a location we’ve never been to before and are unlikely to ever go to again and choosing an appropriate place to land as close to the scene as possible. Each day is different from the last. I also enjoy working with such a highly trained and motivated group of paramedics and doctors who are at the top of their game in pre-hospital emergency medicine. I am married to Ruth and we have a four month old boy.