Meet Captain Norris

Crew story

Steve Norris

Steve Norris started flying for the British Army in 1992 and then joined EAAA as a pilot in 2006 flying from Norwich.  He is one of our longest serving pilots and prides himself on being approachable and part of the fabric of the Charity, taking an interest in everything from fundraising to supporting work experience.

As an air ambulance pilot he enjoys getting to land in unusual places, places that he wouldn’t normally be able to land in other roles. Some of these include on top of a multi-storey car parks, in pig pens, and even in the grounds of Norwich Castle. He loves all things mechanical and will regularly ask to watch as the medical kit is serviced; he also helps to fix little niggles when the crews are having a problem with something back at the base.

When the red phone goes, it takes less than four minutes to get off the ground. As captain, Steve is in charge of planning the route and setting the helicopter down as close to the patient as possible. Steve helps carry bags for the medical team and, when necessary and appropriate, assists them on scene. Depending on the severity and stability of the patient, the medical team then makes an assessment on whether the patient needs to be flown to hospital. Steve has always been much more than just a pilot to our charity and his dry sense of humour and humble opinion of how much he makes a difference make him an irreplaceable part of the team.