Leaving a gift in your will can make a life changing difference to the hundreds of people who need  pre-hospital emergency medical treatment throughout East Anglia every year.

One in four people we help would not receive that critical care, were it not for people like you choosing to leave us a gift in your will.

Gifts in wills play a vital role in keeping our helicopters flying.  Your gift will help us to develop our service ensuring that we can get to the people who need us most in the future.

Download our Guide to Making and Updating Your Will

Making a will is the only way to make sure that your wishes will be respected and that your friends and family are taken care of.  Without a will, loved ones can be left in a difficult position so it’s best to make your intentions clear.  To prepare a will for the first time we recommend you seek legal advice to ensure it is valid and all legal formalities are followed.shutterstock_lake elder older people legacies money

We understand that family and loved ones come first when making your will.  If you then choose to leave a gift to the EAAA, no matter what the size, we can assure you that each gift will go towards saving more lives in East Anglia for many years to come.  There are two ways in which you can choose to remember us in your will:

Residuary Legacy

By choosing to leave the residue of your estate, or a percentage of this, to the Charity, you will be donating anything that remains upon your death, after all debts and charges have been paid.  This is known as a residuary bequest.shutterstock_legacies will and testament

Pecuniary Legacy

Alternatively you might consider making a donation of a specific amount in your will to the Charity, known as a pecuniary bequest.  This will be paid before the distribution of the residue of your estate.

The gift of life

 Gifts in wills, of any amount, have a great impact on our lifesaving emergency service.  For example:
  • £1,000 can equip one of our clinicians with flight suit, high visibility jacket, boots, undergarments and gloves
  • £1,500 can purchase a helmet to protect our crew while attending missions
  • £3,500 can fund one lifesaving mission
  • £5,000 can provide a specialist defibrillator for use on babies and young patients
  • £15,000 can buy a ventilator for use on board the air ambulance
  • £20,000 can provide an ultrasound machine to help us to identify a range of conditions including cardiac problems and abdominal injuries

 Our promise to you

 We will take the time to talk to you about your gift
  • We will answer any questions you have honestly
  • You will be invited to visit one of our bases to learn more
  • We won’t put you under pressure or try to influence your decision
  • We understand that your family and loved ones come first
  • We respect your privacy and will not ask about your decision or the size of your gift
  • We will use your gift wisely and effectively
  • You can change your mind about a gift in your will at any time
  • Any gift you leave will be handled with sensitivity and respect
  • If you choose to tell us about your gift, we will say thank you

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