The H145

Emergency helicopter in flight

The H145

The H145

Find out about our Emergency Helicopters:

Our helicopters, pilots, and engineers are provided by Babcock International. We have two H145 helicopters: G-RESU, code name Anglia One and located at Norwich Airport; G-HEMC, code name Anglia Two and located at Cambridge Airport (Marshall).

The average cruising speed of the H145 is 137kts (158mph), which allows us to get to anywhere in the 5,326 square miles we cover in 25 minutes.

The H145 is capable of carrying two flight crew, three clinicians and a patient, whilst providing a considerable increase in cabin space and performance.

The helicopter carries enough fuel to fly for over two hours with a range of nearly 300 nautical miles (335 statue miles).

The aircraft is 14ft high and 38ft 3in long – it’s 25% larger than the EC135. It has a travel speed of up to 145kts (167mph), which is at least 15mph faster than the EC135T2.

2016 - present: H145, G-RESU in Norwich

2015 - present: H145, G-HEMC in Cambridge

2011 - 2016: EC135, G-HEMN in Cambridge

2006 - 2011: BK117, G-RESC in Norwich and G-OEMT in Cambridge

2001 - 2006: BO105DBS5, G-EYNL in Norwich

2001: BO105DB, G-BFYA in Norwich