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Covering Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by air and road, thanks to your continued support.

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East Anglian Air Ambulance exists to save lives by delivering highly skilled doctors and critical care paramedics by air or car to seriously ill or injured people in the region. We are a life-saving charity that is only kept airborne thanks to our incredible supporters. Thank you.

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Since the charity launched in 2000, our crews have been dispatched to patients at the roadside, in the city, on the beach, maybe near where you live. Read about our latest missions.

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24/7 care by air and by road

Since the launch of EAAA’s 24/7 service by air and road on 30 June and up until 7am on Monday 18 October, the charity’s crews have been tasked 307 times between 7pm and 7am

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Meet Chris Marshall

By flying 24/7 we can now provide the same level of service by helicopter or by car 24 hours a day to patients in need like Chris Marshall, who was saved by the charity last year following a life-threatening collision with a car. 

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EAAA starts flying 24/7

On 30 June, EAAA became the first air ambulance in the East of England to fly 24 hours a day. The gap between 1:30 am and 7am where there has been no helicopter emergency medical service (HEMS) coverage in the region was closed.

This has only been made possible thanks to your incredible support. Together we save lives. 

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Meet Pilot Henrietta

"I’ve wanted to be a pilot since I was 12 and becoming a HEMS pilot was always my dream and why I wanted to fly helicopters. I feel very privileged to be able to work with such amazing crews and inspirational people at Babcock and EAAA. I look forward to coming to work, the flying is exciting and every day is different!"

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How we work to make a difference

A 24/7 service

A 24/7 service

With the combination of a quick response time, advanced critical care on scene and quick transfer to the appropriate hospital, our mission is to save more lives across East Anglia.

First Aid

First Aid

We're aiming to minimise the impact of trauma in the community by providing vital first aid training, so more people can take action if someone nearby suffers a medical emergency.



The missions we attend are often life-changing for our patients. By offering dedicated aftercare support, we're helping more of our patients and their families with their recovery journeys.



By developing partnerships and collaborations with local organisations who have aligned ambitions to ours, we can continue to do the very best for each and every patient we treat.

Latest updates


EAAA’s 24/7 service is saving lives all over the region

Since the launch of EAAA’s 24/7 service by air and road on 30 June its crews have been tasked 307 times


Man makes excellent recovery after suffering a brain haemorrhage on Southwold beach

Mark Youles collapsed on Southwold beach in July suffering from a brain haemorrhage and was airlifted to hospital.


EAAA launch winter raffle to support 24/7 service

Enter now to help keep EAAA flying 24/7 and for your chance to win £5,000