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06 Apr 20

Wellbeing during periods of isolation

Our Deputy Medical Director, Pam, has shared her top tips on looking after your wellbeing during periods of isolation.

25 Mar 20

It’s all in the T&Cs

There are new Lottery terms & conditions coming into force from Monday 30th March. Find out more here.

24 Mar 20

Doctor Pam’s Tips About Working From Home

Many of us are coming to terms with a new way of working. Here are a few tips Doctor Pam has found helpful!

18 Mar 20

EAAA Events: All the information you need to know

Lots of our events have been cancelled or postponed. Find out the latest information here.

27 Feb 20

Find out how our Critical Care Paramedics train to do their job

Find out more about one of our clinicians Luke Chamberlain, and the path he took to become a Critical Care Paramedic.

02 Jan 20

Give it your best in 2020!

Whether you are looking to embrace your daring side or wanting to give something back, there will be an event for you!

10 Dec 19

Behind the scenes of Emergency Helicopter Medics

Find out how the Emergency Helicopter Medics series is made!

25 Nov 19

How the Aftercare team helped Jack

Find out more about amazing Jack, and how our aftercare team supported him and his mum, Wendy.

25 Nov 19

Have you ever wondered how our doctors train to do their job?

To become a pre-hospital emergency medicine (PHEM) doctor, there's a lot to learn!