20 years of saving lives, together.Thank you for your support!

It’s thanks to your support that we have been able to save lives for the past 20 years. We simply wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the people who have raised awareness and donated their time, energy and money since the year 2000. Together we save lives.


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12 Jun 20

How our Deputy Medical Director, Pam has been supporting NHS England

Doctor Pam Chrispin, our Deputy Medical Director, has been seconded to help NHS England during Covid-19.

04 Jun 20

Frontline insights from our HEMS crew

Our crew share insights on what it is like working in HEMS on the frontline during the Covid-19 pandemic.

14 May 20

Frontline insights in the eyes of Doctor Chris Chadwick

Dr Chris shares an insight on what its like working as an EAAA doctor on the frontline during the Covid-19 pandemic

13 May 20

EAAA Charity Art Auction

On Friday 15 May we are launching our first charity art auction! Find out more details here.

29 Apr 20

Virtual First Aid Training

Our CCP Mark has created some short videos teaching basic first aid skills, so you can continue to learn and save lives

06 Apr 20

Wellbeing during periods of isolation

Our Deputy Medical Director, Pam, has shared her top tips on looking after your wellbeing during periods of isolation.

25 Mar 20

It’s all in the T&Cs

There are new Lottery terms & conditions coming into force from Monday 30th March. Find out more here.

24 Mar 20

Doctor Pam’s Tips About Working From Home

Many of us are coming to terms with a new way of working. Here are a few tips Doctor Pam has found helpful!

18 Mar 20

EAAA Events: All the information you need to know

Lots of our events have been cancelled or postponed. Find out the latest information here.