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11 Jul 19

The importance of clinical data and research

“We can only improve by constantly measuring our outcomes”

03 Jul 19

HEMS Tasking - Find out how our crew are tasked to a job.

Find out how our crew are tasked to a job and who actually rings the red phone deciding when EAAA needs to be activated

02 Jul 19

Lottery canvassing - Keeping safe on your doorstep

Read this article for handy hints to help keep you safe on the doorstep and identify our genuine lottery canvassers.

15 May 19

Are you looking to be First Aid trained? 

Knowing basic life support and first aid skills could help save someone's life. Book onto our next available course.

15 May 19

Spring Raffle Winners Are Announced!

Our EAAA Spring Raffle winners have been announced!

25 Mar 19

Night Vision

Find out more about the Night Vision Goggle Systems (NVIS) that our pilots and clinicians use on a mission.

01 Mar 19

Heart attack vs cardiac arrest: What’s the difference?

There is a common misconception that heart attacks and cardiac arrests are the same thing. Find out the differences here