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04 Apr 24

Kit Bags…Unpacked!

Read more about some of the equipment our clinicians take to the scene of life-threatening emergencies.

02 Apr 24

Ben, Ned and Charlie take on the Poles of Inconvenience rally!

The trio drove to the Western Sahara in aid of EAAA in this epic challenge.

26 Mar 24

When the red phone rings…

When the emergency calls come in via the red phone, learn more about what happens behind the scenes.

26 Mar 24
Press Release

Upskilling during Sign Language Week

Stephen Hurley from SHBSL delivers taster sessions in British Sign Language for EAAA staff.

05 Mar 24

Helicopter Safety

We've put together some information to help you stay safe if you see an EAAA helicopter land or take off near you.

29 Feb 24

10,000 Flying Hours for Pilot, Dave

Congratulations to Touring Pilot, Dave Surtees on this momentous milestone!

19 Feb 24

The Hub meeting and events space

Hear from users of The Hub at Helimed House, Blend Associates, about the meeting space at Helimed House.

01 Feb 24

It’s time to Trade Up!

Simply turn £100 into £500 and take on other groups and businesses in East Anglia to raise the most amount of money!

31 Jan 24

Wil’s Trek 24… with 24kg!

An added challenge for Wil's Bedfordshire Trek 24 as he prepares for the flagship event this April.