Every week our canvassers are out and about in our region inviting people to join our lottery and support our life-saving work

If you are unsure if a caller claiming to be from our Charity is genuine, please call us on 01603 489400. Our lottery canvassers cover Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk. They all carry identification. They never collect cash or take donations. Anyone who signs up to the lottery will be invited to pay by direct debit or cheque. They usually operate Monday to Friday between the hours of 10am and 8pm and occasionally at weekends.

Click here to read our top tips to stay safe on the doorstep and identify genuine canvassers. 

Here is a list of our canvassers so you can easily identify them if they turn up at your door:

Michael Welsh

(EP 1981)

Louis Brophy

(EP 1980)

Stuart Martin

(EP 1859)

Neil Poole

(EP 1317)

Ritchi High

(EP 1811)

Louise Carr

(EP 1631)

Terry Brown

(EP 562)

Connor Buckenham

(EP 1667)

Taylor Perkins

(EP 1784)

James Ettinger

(EP 1586)

Stephen Myall

(EP 1563)

Christopher Carr

(EP 811)

Dennis Chapple

(EP 1195)

Gary Atkinson

(EP 161)

Gary Woolhead

(EP 391)

Mathew Robbins

(EP 1399)

Michael Budd

(EP 366)

Stephen Lish

(EP 1302)

Stuart Voice

 (EP 419)

Darren Green

(EP 1439)

James Linnen

(EP 1663)

Michael Kimberley

(EP 1683)

Donna Horsley

(EP 1709)

Stacey Linnen

(EP 1748)

Gary Pert

(EP 1454)

Scott Foley

(EP 1999)

Chris Park

(EP 1794)

Lee Park

(EP 1816)

Alex Knight

(EP 1696)

Carl Humphrey

(EP 2008)

Carlos Dias

(EP 698)

Charles Waller

(EP 1970)

Colin Whiteman

(EP 1796)

Daniel Allen

(EP 1994)

Darryl La-Rocque

(EP 1769)

George Jones

(EP 1744)

Grant Phillips

(EP 1736)

Jacob Fox

(EP 2011)

Josh Daniel

(EP 2004)

Lee Maxwell

(EP 2016)

Maria Chivers

(EP 1677)

Martin Maclennan

(EP 2005)

Paul Bescoby

(EP 1997)

Robert Bright

(EP 1847)

Leslie Daley

(EP 1783)

Adam Crombie

(EP 1600)

Stephen Lawrence

(EP 1565)

Alex Zurrouk

(EP 1808)

John Sharp

(EP 1926)

Georgina Bale

(EP 2012)

Nicky Adams

(EP 2026)

Phil O'Regan

(EP 2028)

Paul King

(EP 2034)

Stephen Pritchard

(EP 2058)

Responsible gambling policy:

  • This lottery is promoted by Friends of East Anglian Air Ambulance, the trading company for East Anglian Air Ambulance.
  • Lottery tickets are priced at £1 per play
  • The Responsible person for this lottery is S. Demetriou, Hangar E, Gambling Close, Norwich NR6 6EG
  • The lottery is drawn every Friday
  • This lottery is Licensed by the Gambling Commission
  • For more information, visit the Gambling Commission website .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Please read our responsible gambling policy


Please gamble responsibly.