Only the Brave Obstacles

Take a look at last year's obstacles for taste of what you'll be tackling in 2024!

Belly Slide

Slide your way down our huge tarpaulin covered in water soap and more. 

Courageous Crawl

Crawl under the cargo nets through mud and water. 

Giant Hurdles

Launch yourself over our 1m high inflatable hurdles.

Straw Bale Scramble

Straw Bale Scramble, change description: Time for a helping hand. Work as a team to climb over our huge pyramid of hay bales.

Straw Tunnels

Crawl on your hands and knees to get through our tunnels of hay.

Lifeboat Crossing

Balance your way across a series of lifeboats floating on muddy water. 

(10 Mile Only)

Trench Run

Wade through this wet and muddy trench to get to the other side. 

Straw Hurdles

Run and jump your way across our giant hay bale hurdles.

(10 Mile Only)

Tyre Turbulence

Use tyres to scramble your way up an incline.

(10 Mile Only)

The Maze

On your hands and knees navigate your way through our cargo net maze.

(10 Mile Only)

Balance Beams

Work your way across the narrow balance beams, trying not to fall into the water below. 

(10 Mile Only)

Gladiator Rings

Swing your way across a muddy pool using gladiator rings.

(10 Mile Only)

First Aid Bag Carry

Grab a kit bag and complete a loop of the circuit.

(10 Mile Only)

Toe the Line

This is a real test of strength as you use a rope line to cross a stretch of water and avoid getting soaked!

(10 Mile Only)

Hill Sprints

Test your stamina with our hill sprints circuit. 

(10 Mile Only)

Commando Tunnels

More tunnels, this time muddy. 

Monkey Bars

Use all your strength to avoid getting wet as you swing across our monkey bars.

Muddy Mission

Use ropes to wade through deep mud. Try not to loose your shoes. 

(10 Mile Only)

Cargo Climb

Scale the side of a steep bank with the help of our cargo nets. 

Crew Crawler

Commando crawl your way underneath our cargo net. 

Giant Web

Duck, climb and weave. Navigate your way through the giant web. 

Wall of Thanks

Work together to scale this 2m wall.

Cargo Wall

More information coming soon.

Log Carry

More information coming soon.

Tangled Shower

You're gonna get wet. Work your way through this web whilst water rains down from above. 

Treacherous Tunnels

Crawl through these long inflatable tunnels.

Tunnel Jeopardy

More information coming soon.

Doom of Mud

More information coming soon.

Stepping Stones

Clamber your way across our large floating stepping stones. 

Helibob's Tower

Climb Helibob's tower and then scramble your way down the other side.

Rotor Scramble

Squeeze your way under the helicopter rotors. This one's muddy! 

Dive to Victory

More information coming soon.

Only the Brave 2024 – Charity Obstacle Course Race

Take on up to 35 Obstacles in our 6 or 10 mile route through Euston Estates parkland, waterways and woodland.

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Photo credits: Perfect Pose Photography, Sabine Jacques, Kim Brett, Caroline Tillet and Chris Arnold.