Making a complaint

The East Anglian Air Ambulance complaints procedure and policy explains how we will deal with complaints. Please click on the below headlines to learn more. If you would like this policy in print format, please contact us or call 03450 669 999.

The East Anglian Air Ambulance and its subsidiary company (together referred to below as EAAA) are committed to the development of an open and just culture that is receptive to adopting new practices and learning from complaints from:

  • Patients and their carers
  • Other service users
  • Supporters
  • Volunteers
  • Members of the public

The key aims of this policy are to ensure that:

  • The complaints policy is accessible to the public
  • Complaints are handled sensitively, thoroughly and consistently across all areas of EAAA
  • Complaints are recorded, acknowledged speedily and resolved promptly
  • Complainants are treated with respect
  • We learn from complaints
  • Where appropriate, solutions are suggested that will benefit patients and improve service delivery
  • EAAA is able to demonstrate that it is an open, honest, caring and transparent organisation

We appreciate that things do occasionally go wrong and if they do please let us know so that we can put things right and learn from our mistakes.

EAAA uses Datix software to record and monitor complaints for medical and non-medical incidents. Datix is the leading patient incident reporting software tool for healthcare risk management and adverse event reporting.

This complaints policy and its associated procedures and protocols comply with the guidance set out in the NHS publication “Organisation with a Memory (2000)” (Updated April 2013) and in accordance with the Local Authority Social Services and National Health Service Complaints (England) Regulations 2009.

Complaints may be made by:

  • Telephone to the Receptionist on 03450 669 999
  • Email to
  • Letter to Feedback, East Anglian Air Ambulance, Hangar E, Gambling Close, Norwich NR6 6EG

and will be forwarded to and initially dealt with by the appropriate head of department:

  • Clinical or medical complaints by the Medical Director
  • Other service complaints by the Director of Operations
  • Lottery or raffle complaints – To the Head of Direct Marketing and Supporter Insight
  • Community fundraising, Events, Volunteers and Corporate complaints to the Head of Community Fundraising
  • All other complaints by the Chief Executive 

We will endeavour to deal with complaints promptly within five working days of receipt. If the complaint is complex or cannot be dealt with in this timescale then it will be acknowledged within three working days and then dealt with within 10 working days or the complainant advised of progress at regular intervals

If you are not happy with the initial response you receive you may ask for your complaint to be referred to the EAAA Chief Executive in the case of clinical, medical or service issues or the Director of Fundraising in the case of complaints from volunteers and supporters including lottery and raffle players.

EAAA are members of the Fundraising Regulator. If your complaint is about our fundraising and you are dissatisfied with the outcome of our investigation and response, you have the opportunity to refer your complaint to the Fundraising Regulator within two months of receiving our response. They will independently investigate your complaint. Contact the Fundraising Regulator at: 1st Floor, 10 St Bride Street, London, EC4A 4AD | Telephone: 0300 999 3404 | Email: |

Lottery Complaints

If your complaint relates to our lottery it will be fully investigated by the Head of Direct Marketing and Supporter Insight. If you are still not happy with the response to the issue you will then be referred to the Gambling Commission’s registered responsible person, Mr C McGeown at our Norwich office. If the matter cannot be resolved internally by the charity, it would then be referred to IBAS (Independent Betting and Adjudication Service) or the Gambling Commission.

Data Protection Complaints

If your complaint relates to information under the Data Protection Act (or GDPR “General Data Protection Regulation” from 25th May 2018) and you are not happy with our response it may then be referred to the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office).