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With so many messages being sent back to us in-memory or loved ones we wanted to share them with everyone and also ensure that there is a place for them to be viewed beyond the festive period.

"For Malcolm our much loved and missed Brother 20-7-20"

Linda, Tina, Keith and Stephen

"Sandra Joy Wild- Our Christmas still shines knowing you're looking down. Miss you Mum."

David & Carol Wild

"My amazing husband forever in our hearts. Daddy is Poggets. Dad is tiktok king sometimes."

Wifey, monkey boy & princess Abigail

"To a dear Grace Carpenter the world is a sadder place without you as you made a huge impact on all those who knew you with your enthusiasm for life your humor, advice and sometimes your straight talking sorely missed by all."

Geoff and friends and family

"To my dearest daughter Carole who I miss so much Carole."

Jean Sullivan

"To Dad, Merry Christmas. We all miss you so much, not just at Christmas but every day 😊 I'm following my dreams now Dad, I love you forever and always Adam xxx"


"With thanks to the EAAA and in memory of John Gardner a dear Father who died after falling down strange stairs, aged 88, with the words 'I am a twerp', From Helen "

Helen Price

"Patricia Susan Morgan 17/06/38-21/05/20 from Bert and George"

Bert and George (husband and grandson)

"To my beloved dad John Norton, thinking of you and wishing you were still with us, we miss and love you so much. Thank you EAAA for being there when we needed you. Love, Michelle and Craig, Jenny and Darren and Diana xxx"

Michelle & Craig, Jenny & Darren and Diana

"Adam O'Neill, taken from us far too soon, from Sylvia"

Sylvia Bullough

"In memory of my beloved wife Gloria, all my love forever, from My Robbie xxx"

My Robbie

"To Arthur & Dad, loads of love from Coral his wife, children Steven, Ann and Lynne and all the family xxxx"

Coral his wife, children Steven, Ann & Lynne xxx, and all the family

"To my much loved brother Peter James McAllister who was taken from us suddenly and before his time, you will never be forgotten. I hope you are at peace and pain free from Pauline xxx"

Pauline Woodman

"In loving memory of my wonderful wife JANET ANN GROSSET, a fantastic mother, grandmother and wife (16-05-35)."

Jerry Grosset

"Mum and Dad x"

Love Gloria

"In memory of my beloved sister, Peggy. So much missed every day from Judy"


"In memory of Jane, Eline and Rita who we lost this year but will always remember with love. From Andy & Elysia"

Andy & Elysia

"Brian we all miss you so much. Love you forever. Love from your wife Chris"

Mrs. Christine Edney

"Darling Des, always in my heart, from Chris xx"


"I miss you every hour of every day Syd, but I have our lovely memories to help me get through the lonely days. Love you always, your loving wife, Joyce xx"

Joyce Tanner

"In memory of my beloved black labrador Widgeon"


"Vera Coulson 1922-2021 Dearest Mum, miss you every day so much, especially Christmas, love always, Patricia xxx I miss you so much, always in my thoughts and I love you so much, Ally xxx All our love, Kathryn, Stu, Isabell and Charlotte x Miss you so much, love you, Nick x Love from the family x"

Patricia, Ally, Kathryn, Stu, Isabel, Charlotte and all the family

"Mrs. Shirley Peters, remembered every day of the year with love, from widower, John"

Widower John Peters

"My darling husband Al x So loved, so missed, from Linda x"


"Sister Edith Critchley, missed died 2020, from Laurie & Joan"

Laurie & Joan Robinson

"In memory of my late husband 'John Riffell'. It's four years since you left us and still we are trying to come to terms with it. I am still supporting the EAAA as you did before you went away. With love from all the family, but especially me your ever loving wife, yours forever, much love Beryl xx"


"For my darling son Andrew, husband John and mother Ellen, rest in peace, from Vicky"


"Merry Christmas to all our loved ones in heaven, never forgotten, from the Sell family"

The Sell family

"So wonderful to know you are always there when we need you. Thank you from E, M & F Allsop x"

EW, M & F Allsop

"Remembering you Bryan at Christmas and all the wonderful times we had. Memories are sweet. All our love xxx"

Gillian Ames & family

"In loving memory of my dear husband Philip & Grandson Joe, from Matilda"

Matilda Anderson

"Remembering my Richard, will never be forgotten, love you always xxx Thank you all at the East Anglian Air Ambulance for being there when I needed you, from Pam xxx"

Pam Napier

"Aimee, always within our hearts, from Nan and Grandad xx"

Nan & Grandad

"For my dear wife Lynn Brakes died 25th December 2019 god has you in his arms, I have you in my heart."

Eric Brakes

"Eddie I still miss and love you, I wish you were still here with me. Enjoy another Christmas in heaven, all my love, Milly"

Milly Ward

"For my 'boys' who have physically left me but spiritually are always with me - Colin, Dad, Billy, miss you, love you Carol xxx"


"Remembering my partner of 40 years, John and parents and family members and dearly departed friends, from Eric"


"In memory of my dear Dat, Husband and Great Pops, Bryan Ames. You are loved and missed always, Gill x Love Carole, Michael, Chris and Rosie, Colin, Matt and Sophie xxxxxxxx"


"When nights are cold and stars are few, I close my eyes and think of you. A silent hope, a silent tear, a silent wish that you were here. In memory of Gillian Shipley, from Jess x"


"To Vivian and Geoff, from Barry"

Barry Clark

"For my brother, Anthony, from Angus"


"To Betty Attwaters (Mum), we love you and miss you so much. Hope you enjoyed the bubbles, Hilary, Shaun, Cat, Liz, John, Harry & Lucy xx"

Hilary, Shaun, Cat, Liz, John, Harry & Lucy

"Dianne Croot, Always loved, never forgotten, forever missed. From Elise and Rob xxxx"

Elise and Rob

"Dear dear Tony, there are no words that can say how much I miss you and what it has done to my heard. I will always love you and miss you. All my love, Mum"

Mum (Jean)

"To a dear son Trevor, missing you a lot. Also remebering dear Joe, Mum xxx"

Mum (A Harrod)

"Irene, never to be forgotten, always in our hearts, from John"


"Remembering Arthur, loving husband, dad, grandad and great grandad. Miss you always, forever in our hearts, always loving wife Brenda and family xxxxx"

Brenda and family

"In loving memory of a dear husband, dad, grandad and great grandad, Danny. Missing you as always x from Barbara, Tracey, Suzanne and all the grand children`"

Barbara, Tracey, Suzanne and all the grand children

"My parents, WJ and KL Yates for their support, especially 1950s when I became an FFA helicopter pilot, from John"

John Yates

"My star is for all of you, may Saint Christopher keep you all safe. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year, from Sylvia"


"To Gisela and Gary, our thoughts are with you at this special time of year. From Gary and Ann"

Gary & Ann

"For Mike, a much loved husband, father and friend. From Sue"


"Dearest John, passed January 22nd 21. I miss you so much, you were my forever husband. You were so kind and my rock. Love you forever, rest in peace my love, with no pain. Your ever loving wife, Jill xxx"


"Ken, Dad, Pop. Our 2nd Christmas without you. We miss you so much every single day. Hop eyou enjoy some trifle up there on Christmas day. Us girls are looking after mum. Love always, Shirley, your girls and all the grandchildren xxxx"

Shirley, girls and grandchildren

"Annie Ada Miell, William Albert Miell - my dear parentlys, still loved very much, Barbara xx"


"To mum and dad, much loved. From Bridget and Michael"

Bridget and Michael

"Remembering my husband, Len Barrett. Christmas without you will never be the same again, from Suzanne x"


"My beautiful James. You are missed, I love you so much, more than I ever knew. Everyone is so proud that you live on in others. You are a true Hero. We will raise a glass for you, I love you, Mum xxx"

Mum (Jennie)

"REmembering Neil Raymond Owen, who passed away at Addenbrookes hospital 27.11.2020. He greatly enjoyed watching the Air Ambulances come and go during his long hospital admissions. He is greatly missed by all his family and friends. He is forever in our thoughts and hearts. From The Owen Family"

The Owen Family

"Dearest Allen/Dad, we love and miss you so much. Be at peace in God's loving presence, In our hearts always, with love, Ann, Giles and Danny Fowler. 03/02/2020 - Dr Nicky and Luke, pilot?"

Ann, Giles and Danny

"Mark Smith - you were a fighter from the day the air ambulance came to you to the day we lost you. I was so proud to call you my son. We love and miss you so much every day, from Mum, Em and Karl"

Mum, Em and Karl

"In memory of David Leonard Ager, who sadly left us all on 18th October 2013. So greatly missed and much loved by all his family and friends xx from Mel and Irene"

Mel and Irene Ager

"Pat Blackmore- Missing you like craxy, one year on from losing you to Covid. A special mum, grandma and friend that loved raising money for EAAA. Love you xx, from Deb, Max and Georgia, Lily and Ruby xx"

Deb, Max and Georgia, Lily and Ruby

"Treaured memories of my beloved parents, Phyllis and Dixon Batey who were fundraisers for a number of years, from Gaye, with love xx"


"In memory of my loving wife Mary, who passed away on the 2nd March 2020 after giving me 60 years of wonderful married life. She is missed by me and our 4 children and 8 grand children ever so much, from Bernard"

Bernard Mace

"Remembering our dear Grannie, Beryl Turner at Christmas time and every day. From Claire, Chris, Ruby, Edward and Daniel xxx"

Claire, Christ, Ruby, Edward and Daniel