EAAA launch first PHEM research conference: Breaking Barriers

11 August 2021

EAAA is shining a spotlight on clinical research by holding the charity’s first dedicated online pre-hospital emergency medicine (PHEM) research and development conference.

Open to everyone, the focus will be ‘breaking barriers’ and how utilising data sets can improve collaboration and patient outcomes across the sector. Taking place online on Friday 19 November, the conference is free to attend and will be hosted by EAAA’s clinical research and development group known as RAID (research, audit, innovation and development) and led by Doctor Rob Major, RAID Chair.

Highlights will include national keynote speakers presenting current PHEM research topics of interest, such as blood, point of care ultrasound and rapid sequence intubation, a poster presentation competition with a prize and breakout sessions covering a range of PHEM development topics and discussion, including aftercare.

Register for the free conference.

Doctor Rob Major said: “The RAID conference will be a really important way to showcase what we’re doing at EAAA, what we’ve learnt so far and to highlight why we believe PHEM evaluation, research and development is so important. Not only does this type of R&D help to evidence the impact of air ambulance teams, but we’re also identifying new ways in which we can continually improve and push forward the level of care we can provide pre-hospital, to improve patient outcomes. We have a great group of speakers participating in the conference and can’t wait to see what appetite there is for this type of event within the industry and potentially make this an annual event.”

EAAA is committed to providing the best possible patient care and patient outcomes and believes that clinical research and development is key to achieving this and promoting continuous improvement within PHEM. The RAID group was established to oversee and steer all EAAA clinical research projects, including service evaluation and analysis, and to support research papers undertaken by EAAA clinicians. The RAID conference will bring key figures within the sector together to promote clinical research and knowledge sharing and will enable the RAID group to provide an update on their activity, learnings and objectives since formally creating the research arm of the charity last year.  

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